Introducing Aiden Steele – AKA the intern

Regular readers of this blog will know that this summer I’m mentoring a photography student/intern (see Learning Photography by Teaching Photography) and now that he’s back and has agreed to let me write about him I’d like to introduce you to him and share some of his lovely work with you all.

You’ll find Aiden’s work at Steele Imagery Instagram.  As he’s got one of those fancy new cameras which let’s you upload to Instagram directly (come on Canon catch up!) it is his sharing site of choice – that said I think it’s best to be in a bunch of different places as a photographer because potential clients use a spectrum of sites to look for work they like and if you’re not where they’re looking then they certainly won’t find you.  Aiden is working on a website which is a good call, and I think we’ll also have some conversations about where else he might showcase his work.

Aiden’s big passion is street photography and if you read the week 1 blog entry (Photography mentoring – week 1) you’ll know that the first task I set him was to take a photowalk with several stops along the way each of at least 30 minutes.  The exercise was designed to encourage him to look a bit harder for images on the street, wait for the right moment and be a bit more considered over the composition.

Aiden hit the streets of London and did a great job with his assignment.  He made some really exciting individual images with this approach and I’ve chosen a few below from his Instagram feed.  However, I don’t think these stand alone images quite do his work on this project justice as the real strength in the approach proved to be the building of  sequences of images and the ability to build a narrative around the events  of that day.

Politics #Brexit

A post shared by Aiden Steele (@steele_imagery) on


A post shared by Aiden Steele (@steele_imagery) on


A post shared by Aiden Steele (@steele_imagery) on

I’ve encouraged Aiden to use Adobe Spark (other tools are of course available!) to build a photo essay to showcase some of the other images he made that day in a way that tells more of a story.  Although the individual images may not be as strong as stand alone items and so may not fare as well on Instagram I feel that they will be stronger overall if sequenced and edited (by which I mean the process of selection rather than digital editing in software) correctly.  It’s a real skill to be able to make these decisions and get the sequence right to tell the story that you want to tell and I think it’s something that could get missed by photographers whose only outlet is Instagram or possibly Facebook where the single image is king.

Coming up next! Week 2 – manual mode, white balance and metering modes, no right answers only creative decisions.


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